After School Club


When is afterschool club running?
The club will run every day that school is open to pupils, from 3:15 to 5:00pm Mondays to Fridays.
How do I book my child into ASC?
Pupils can be booked in through the ASC email address
Please book in advance if possible. Late bookings can be made up to 3:00pm on the day via the email address. Please do not phone the school as the phone is not always manned.
Can I cancel a booking?
Bookings can be cancelled through the email address. If your child if off school, the booking is automatically cancelled.
Where do I collect my child from?
All children must be collected from the front door – please ring the doorbell. If possible, please give a pick-up time when booking. If another adult is collecting your child, this must be made clear when booking them in.
When is the latest pick-up time?
All children must be collected by 5pm. Children collected after this time will incur an additional fee of £5.00
How do I pay for ASC?
Payments must be through Parent Pay on a Pay-as-You-Use basis. ASC payments must be cleared by Friday each week. Parents with outstanding payments exceeding £30 will not be able to access the club the following week. Pupils collected by 4:00pm will only be charged £3 per session.
What will my child do at the club?
There will be a variety of activities on offer including craft, games and outdoor play (weather permitting). Pupils will also be able to complete any homework, access Lexia or read with an adult. Each child will be offered a snack and drink.
What information will be held on my child?
By booking into the club, you give permission for Miss Williamson (ASC leader) to access contact details, medical details and dietary requirements currently held in school